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brin_bellway's Journal

Brin Bellway
When I look at someone's Livejournal profile, it's usually because I'm trying to answer one of two questions. It's only right that my own profile should answer these.

If you're here looking for my pronoun, it's "she".

If you're here because you're wondering whether/where you've seen me before, I post at the following places:
My Tumblr, but in order to get to this page you probably either saw the link on my Livejournal or are here from Tumblr.

I used to be a Slacktivite, but I had to leave to preserve my mental health. I'm still around at Stealing Commas, though.

The Flight Rising forums, mostly Lightning

DS9 Rewatch and general DS9 fandom

The Asexual Agenda, and sometimes blogs it links to

I've been increasingly drifting into the rationalist-sphere, but I think the only non-Tumblr places I've posted at so far are Comparatively Superlative and Thing of Things

More rarely:
Various science blogs that catch my fancy

Parts of the hypno-fetish blogosphere (It's complicated.)


I go by Brin where I can get away with something so small and common and Brin Bellway where I can't. When applicable, my icon is that field of forget-me-nots up there.

I hope this has been helpful.

updated August 1st, 2015